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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Will the driver will appear at the appointed time after we book?
  A: Yes, we will, once confirm you’re booking time, we will send driver details via SMS or Whatsapp.
2. Q: How many seater of your private car?
  A: We do have various type of the private car, we have 7 seater, 8 seater, and 10 seater of course we need to know number of the people then we will arrange for you.
3. Q: How long in advance should I book my private car?
  A: You can book anytime before the pick-up time. We encourage you to booking at least 2 days in advance, thus, we are able to arrange the schedule for you as soon as possible.
4. Q: How long in advance that can I revise my travel schedule?
  A: You can change your schedule early 12 hours. But the acceptances of the changes will depend on the day of availability of the drivers.
5. Q: When should I receive the driver’s details?
  A: We will send SMS or Whatsapp to you about driver details once we get your confirmation booking in 2 days earlier.
6. Q: All your prices per vehicle or per person?
  A: All our private car are per vehicle but not per person.
7. Q: All the prices listed for single trip or include return trip?
  A: All the prices listed is for one-way trip only. If you added another place to drop off, that will be consider another trip.
8. Q: Are there any hidden or surcharge fees?
  A: All charges are listed at the price table. There are no any extra charge for the trip unless you change your destination point.
9. Q: Do you only provide transfers from Singapore to Johor Bahru?
  A: Not only Singapore to Johor Bahru but the entire west Malaysia.
10. Q: What types of transport models do you have?
  A: Toyota Innova, Toyota Alphard, Hyundai Starex, different transport model will have different price, kindly refer to our website price list table or contact us for more details.
11. Q: How do I pay for my hired private car?
  A: You can pay with Cash in Singapore Dollar. We do accept cash only.
12. Q: Do you have any Surcharge if my flight is delayed?
  A: We will depend on the situation, but we prefer you send us your flight ticker number. So that our guys can track your estimate arrival time.
13. Q: How can the driver find me on the airport?
  A: Our driver will be waiting at the arrival hall and carrying a board that has your name on it. Also, the driver will have your contact details.
14. Q: When crossing the borders in Singapore and Malaysia, should the passenger get off the private car?
  A: No, The passenger only sit in the car during the entire journey.
15. Q: How long does it take to travel from Singapore to Johor Bahru?
  A: Approximately 2 hours, it’s depend on the day of the traffic condition.