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Legoland Malaysia @Johor Bahru

How to experience LEGOLAND® Malaysia in one Day

To make sure that a LEGOLAND® day trip is a fun and relaxing experience for the entire family, some planning has to be done in advance. Taking some time before the actual trip to LEGOLAND, planning your day can ensure that both children and adults get the most out of LEGOLAND in one day.

For children, this is a big park and it’s jammed packed with many sights, games and rides they will want to experience not once, but several times. Making sure nothing delays their chances or can cut into this enjoyment for the entire family will pay off in getting the most for everyone’s enjoyment.

Fix the day of your LEGOLAND® day trip

This may sound quite obvious, but it is essential to fix the day of your LEGOLAND day trip well in advance as this might allow you to take advantage of the off-peak special discounts and any specific events you might want to catch. Visit the park’s website to find special deals on tickets, annual passes and combo tickets for the Water Park as well as the Theme Park.
Once the day of your LEGOLAND day trip is confirmed, you can purchase tickets right away online to avoid the queue at the counter later on. This will not only give you a head start but also save time as you can be among the first to enter the LEGOLAND once it opens doors at 10am sharp. Imagine the enjoyment of your children when they are the first on their most popular ride, with time to do it again while others still queue at the ticketing counter.
How to go to LEGOLAND® Malaysia
Will you drive your own car, take an Express bus or travel by public transport?

If you are coming from Kuala Lumpur, you might want to take the Express/Direct Bus, leaving at 6:30 am from Kuala Lumpur and returning at 6:00 pm. For those travelling from Singapore, there is a public bus, travelling to LEGOLAND Malaysia via Johor Bahru.

Checking the latest bus schedule ahead of your LEGOLAND day trip, will ensure that you arrive in time, avoiding any stress or over excitement of the children.

Whatever your travel mode, make sure to pack your passports and Identity Cards if you are traveling from Singapore. And, if you are a tourist who entered Singapore you also need your white Visa Entry Pass or else, it will take time to fill out a new one.

What to Take for your LEGOLAND® day trip

Check the weather the day before going on your LEGOLAND day trip. It might be necessary to carry umbrellas, hats or sunscreen depending on what weather is expected. But in case you need any of these items, there is a mini-shop that carries all you might need. Plus, there are several indoor activities and rides in case the weather prohibits using the outdoor rides for a time.

Tour Asia in ONE day

LEGOLAND gives you the option of getting a bird’s eye view of 17 different Asian countries! How is this possible, you ask? Well step into the (mini)world of LEGOLAND Miniland and find out for yourself! Some of Asia’s best landmarks have been recreated using 30million Lego bricks. You can now tour Asia within a day and see the best that Asia has to offer within a day!
LEGOLAND has over 70 rides, shows, interactive attractions, slides, and activities that are fun and educational. Designed for families and groups with children between the ages of 2-12, it is among the first such theme parks in Asia and one of the largest in the world. With all that’s waiting to be explored and experienced, seeing LEGOLAND in one day does take planning.
Children under four might be too small for some rides and age or height restrictions on some rides might also apply for safety. This could mean having to split up or compromise at times in order to allow older children and adults who can ride to have their chance. The earlier you can make these decisions, the more time you save discussing the options with your children on the spot. Plus, it will avoid much disappointment for the younger ones if they know well in advance which rides they can’t take.

Planning Meals and Snacks

There are plenty of places to eat at LEGOLAND® Malaysia, so young appetites roused by all the activity can be satisfied and adults will find their favorites too. Meals, drinks and snacks can be found in numerous places throughout the park and include the Pizza Mania, The Café’, the King’s Grill, The Market Restaurant, the Asian Deli, Burger Junction, and the Snack Bar. With this much variety, certainly everyone in a family will find something he or she will savor and for anyone trying to get the most out of LEGOLAND in one day, this is an essential point.

The Best Way to See it All

A colorful and easy to follow map is located on the LEGOLAND website, so you can sit down with your family to gain a good overview of all the attractions and rides but also to decide the itinerary. Then, on the day, pick up one of the maps at either the ticket counter, a shop or at several points throughout the park.
With these tips you should be able to maximize your LEGOLAND day trip, and get close to experiencing LEGOLAND in one day, while staying relaxed and happy yourself.
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